Jan 23, 2012

Claimed: SM Advantage Rewards Points

I finally used my SM Advantage Reward Points! After three attempts during the holiday season last year, SM's system finally recognized my points. Actually, I used it not at SM Department Store but at Surplus. The sales rep was very nice to inform me that I could use my points instead of paying for what I had on my hands that time. I tsaid, sure why not! Then she swiped my card to check how many points I already have, asked if I am the one whose name appeared on the card and I said then she completed the transaction. She didn't even bothered to ask for an ID and that was a relief for me because I hate to fumble on my wallet aside from the fact that I am in a rush.

Sorry for hubby because the last time we attempted to use it was when he purchased our new dinnerware set. So glad that I got these two shirts in exchange of my points:)

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