Jan 29, 2012

Send SMS For Free!

I remember one late night, I asked my twitter contacts if there's someone out there who's into e-loading/auto-loading. I was in dire need of load that time because hubby wasn't home yet and I can't text him. I've finished a movie in DVD and no one replied, sad to say:(

Well, forget that unpleasant part because I'm here to share to you what I recently discovered. I rarely  buy load for my cellphone because hubby and I could chat anyway in Facebook or YM, he's the only one I've been sending SMS anyway. He would often suggest to just throw away my cellphone because it's useless if I can't reply to him because I'm out of credits.

Ha! But now I can reply to him even without load! I just need to turn on my Wi-Fi at home or at work or at any place where there is a WI-Fi Zone. How? I bookmarked magTxt.com on my cellphone and tada! Free SMS anytime!

This is perfect if you are living abroad and you want to text your relatives here in the Philippines. magTXT.com is a Philippines Free SMS Messaging Service. It's the best way to send free SMS to mobile phones from your computer. You just input the phone number, type the message and click send!. Most importantly, there's no registration and no log in required.

I've been using their service for quite some time now and so far all my messages were sent without missed! So, go ahead and try it. Feel free to link this post so you can spread this good news to all your friends. Enjoy!

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  1. This is a nice article, yeah I agree that sometimes it is a hassle if you run out of load during emergency cases. But as you've said we can send now sms even though without using our mobile phones through to a pc with an internet connection. Most firms now a days are offering this kind of services, a free sms service, some can send it in local areas only or in other countries. I just would like to share with you or any visitors from this blog, that you could try also this free web app, send free sms. With this web app you can send free sms not only in the philippines but also in other countries.



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