Jan 30, 2012

Men's Perfume for 2012

The last perfume hubby had last year was a Bulgari which he bought from his balikbayan friend. Nothing followed after that not until today. He went straight to perfumery section at SM to look for new scent and he got these:
212 VIP MEN and Pacco Rabanne

Well, actually these are not new scents for him because he had the same brand before. However, he got good deal for these two. He got the 212 VIP Men at its regular price (Php4670) and had the Pacco Rabanne for only Php1500 (original cost is around Php4,000) plus a Gap Bag for me. Since CitiBank still had their 6mos. installment with 0% interest for Php5000 worth of purchase promo, hubby availed it. To close the amount of Php5000, hubby told me to buy anything from the different store. So I took one Maybelline foundation and two hand liquid soap to wrap up the amount. How he got huge discount for the Pacco Rabanne? He paid it in cash, and the sales rep labeled the perfume as FREE so it didn't passed the POS machine anymore. When we got home, we found out how we got it at huge discount aside from buying it in cash. Its box has no brand name at the front, only at the back and it says Demonstration-Tester. Not bad anyway because it still has the same scent and ml content.


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