Dec 5, 2010

Mouse Stuff

USB Mouse, Photo Paper and Blank CD's

My old USB mouse finally gave up on me yesterday. Actually I blamed my hubby when he told me that our mouse was no longer functioning. Why? Because every time he plays poker games on Facebook, I will hear him tapping that mouse hard whenever he wins or when he gets excited in playing. But of course, it's not the only reason why it crashed down totally. I've been using it for a year and so maybe it's really time to buy a new one.

When it comes to my lappy's accessories and other media solution needs, my first option is CD-R King. There are lots of items here that are cheaper than branded ones. Though the quality is not that superb it will last for quite some time anyway so it's not that bad at all. 

I dropped by at their store branch in Big-R Cainta (there were less people in here than with their other branch) and bought a new USB Mouse for just Php150. I remember I have some pictures to print too so I bought 4R size photo paper as well for just Php50 (50 sheets). And of course, since I load lots of stuff in my lappy and I haven't got my  extra-hard disk until now, I also bought blank CD's. I plan to back up my files later this week just in case something weird happen. Good thing my CD writer is still on the perfect condition as the first time I had this laptop. It still perform fast whenever I do my CD/DVD duplication at home. 

Right now I am using this new mouse and have some photos already printed too while my blank CD's will be used tomorrow! Night everyone!

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